About MemArk

MemArk is a tech community focusing on modern memory and storage architectures, which is established by 4Paradigm and sponsored by partners such as Intel.

MemArk believes that with the emerging storage technologies (such as non-volatile memory), the modern storage architecture has been evolving into a tiered storage hierarchy that is more complex than ever before. Meanwhile, non-volatile memory introduces the unique feature of in-memory data persistence, which enables new scenarios and applications. Based on those significant progress, MemArk focuses on cutting-edge storage technologies together with application optimization. The community is mainly working on the following topics:

  • Focusing on state-of-the-art storage technologies from both industry and academia
  • Researching, developing and optimizing libraries and applications based on modern storage architecture
  • Building an open tech community to leverage modern storage technologies for enterprise


You are welcome to join our community:

We are inviting developers to contribute to this open community. Please follow our projects on Github:


Email: contact@memark.io